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    Welcome to the Scottish Borders Council


    Mary McQueen and the Scottish Borders Memory Bank


    Mary Lammermuir

    An status didnae mean sae much, an we were a' Jock Tamsons bairns.

    When folk made time tae speak tae ye, an things were made for sharin',

    When tea wis on the table, an linoleum on the floor.

    Bit gie me back some auld weys, when ye got an open door,

    The top designer fashions, an quick convenience foods.

    Abody has tae work noo, tae buy their fancy goods,

    For it's a' aboot lifes quality, or so ye hear folk say.

    Track 7 Listen to 7th track of interview
    It's no that they dinnae want ye, it's the pace o' life the day,

    A'll bet ye that the maist o' times, they'll keep ye standin' at the door.

    For if ye gaun tae see a neehour noo, nae maitter what it's for,

    Even though they've a' got the mod cons, we didnae hae lang syne.

    Bit they days are a' past noo, naebodys got the time,

    Maybe we haud some neebours in, playin' fiddles or a box.

    If yer mither wisnae bakin' or sittin' knittin' socks,

    We haud lamps filled fou o' paraffin, an caunles for a licht.

    Track 6 Listen to 6th track of interview
    When the days chores were a' feenished, an the dark came doon at nicht,

    Abune the fire place wis a pulley, dryin jumpers an yer breeks.

    The ham wis on the ceilin, cured an hung on cleeks,

    An ye filled it fou o' flouer an meal, afore the wunter came.

    We'd a kist in the back kitchen, a meal ark wis its name,

    For that ye got a years supply, happit cosy in a pit.

    We helped tae gether tatties, abody did their bit.

    So we were keepit warm an cosy, when the snaw lay on the braes.

    Track 5 Listen to 5th track of interview
    We haud plenty peat for firen, cut on the simmer days,

    Wi' a cheeny pig ablow yer airm, tae yer bed ye wud retire.

    Efter tea we a' got scrubbit, in a big tub at the fire,

    For yer mither didnae gaun tae work, so when ye came hame she wis aye there.

    Bit they days were sae happy, for ye didnae hae a care,

    An at denner time aroon the fire, ye sat an heet yer feet.

    They didnae hae schuill denners then, abody took their piece,

    In simmer, wunter, sun or rain, yer lessons for tae lairn.

    Track 4 Listen to 4th track of interview
    We walkit tae the schuill each day, alang wi ither bairns,

    Wi' a "Sunday Post" hung on a hook, ye'd read aboot Wullie an his gang.

    Sometimes a place o' solace, when ye haud duin something wrang,

    It wis a wee hoose in the gairden, wi' a great big cheen tae pu.

    No sic a thing as toilet rolls, only some haud inside loos,

    Goldilocks an bears or trolls, or giants that eet wee boys.

    Aboot pigs an wolves or monsters, or ither sic like ploys,

    Or yer faither tellin stories, that fair curled up yer taes.

    Track 3 Listen to 3rd track of interview
    Wi' nae telly tae amuse ye, it wis Ludo or cairds ye played,

    So ye either went wi' horse an cairt, or on yer feet ye hiked.

    There wisnae mony motor cars, an no mony haud a bike,

    It wis a pantry wi' mesh windae, tae keep oot the flees an midge.

    A deep freeze wisnae heard o', let alane a fridge,

    Yer drier wis some claes pegs, an a rope roon poles entangled.

    Ye didnae hae a washin machine, ye'd a sink, a board an mangle,

    Nae electric, nae televisions, an no mony telephones.

    Track 2 Listen to 2nd track of interview
    A'll tell ye aboot the auld days, afore we haud mod cons,


    Track 1 Listen to 1st track of interview


    LEISURE: HOBBIES, CRAFTS, PASTIMES: Making Music, Conversation

    PERSONAL / DOMESTIC: LIVING CONDITIONS: Heating, Lighting, Water Supply and Hygiene, Housing, Food

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